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The Malabed Method is where Dr. Helene Malabed as a medical physician for over 19 years, utilizes Integrative and specific approaches to Health Challenges and Erectile Dysfunction, when pills and surgery have failed.  She is excited and passionate about helping and supporting those who want to claim back their lives, and live a better quality of live, because she cares.

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What I Can Do For You:

  • Medical and Health Care Services

    The Malabed Method is an Integrative medical method and the use of genetic testing, together we come up with a plan for you to reach your health goals in a manner that works for you because it is about you.

  • Get Hard-Stay Hard

    No matter how passionate you are, it’s not your fault and it’s not your age, having that little blue pill may not help you and eventually fail.

  • ...And Everything Else....

    Immigration Physicals and Vaccination exemptions.

Dr. Helene Malabed D.O.

As a 1st generation Filipina, obtaining my Osteopathic Medical degree in Kansas City, MO,  I have practiced medicine for over 19 years and have treated over 3,000 patients, all over the US, in at least 14 states and have travelled to at least 15 countries.  By experiencing people with diverse backgrounds and have had my own health challenges has allowed me to understand and treat my patients with compassion and without judgement.  A lot of my patients had Erectile Dysfunction, challenging weight and health issues. I myself have experienced how embarrassed and relationship challenged my clients were.  Over those years I learned that I have a gift in helping men and women feel comfortable, especially when it came to their sexuality and how important it was to them, understanding how men look at women, sex and their bodies, because I listen and I care.

I know what being it's like to be stressed out unhealthy, overweight workaholic could do to one’s sex life, health and relationship.

At that time I found myself at a professional and personal crossroads.  I had learned no matter how passionate or intimate your partner may be, having that little blue pill will eventually fail you ruin, your confidence and create anxiety.

Therefore I reinvented myself, and created the Malabed Method for Erectile Dysfunction, Weight, and Health for both   men’s and female sexual health.  So every man and woman deserves and can have a lasting vibrant sex life, feel young, and sexually potent again no matter how old you are.

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