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As a 1st generation Filipina, obtaining my Osteopathic Medical degree in Kansas City, MO,  I have practiced medicine for over 19 years and have treated over 3,000 patients, all over the US, in at least 14 states and have travelled to at least 15 countries.  By experiencing people with diverse backgrounds and experiencing my own health challenges has allowed me to understand and treat my patients without borders or boundaries.  A lot of my patients had Erectile Dysfunction, and I experienced how embarrassed and relationship challenged they were.  Over those years I learned that I have a gift in helping men feel comfortable, especially when it came to their sexuality and how important it was to them, understanding how men look at women, sex and their bodies.

I have had the luxury of being raised by an elderly father, which allowed me to hear and see in a respectful manner about men’s health and their sexuality.  It gave me a great foundation on how to work with men who are struggling with having a fulfilling sex life.  I can understand what they are going through and as a doctor, I can shed light as to what they need to do, to avoid that little blue pill and still be able to get hard and stay hard.

When I started dating again I saw first hand, the effects of stress, overweight, overworked and lack of exercise, could do to one's sex life as well as relationships.  Sex stopped being a priority, intimacy was a challenge, and most men didn't want to do anything about it.

At that time I found myself at a professional and personal crossroads.  I had learned no matter how passionate or intimate your partner may be, having that little blue pill will eventually fail you ruin, your confidence and create anxiety.

Therefore I reinvented myself, and created the Malabed Method for Erectile Dysfunction and men’s sexual health.  So every man and woman can have a lasting vibrant sex life, feel young, and sexually potent again no matter how old you are.

Helene Malabed DO

Malabed Method

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The Malabed Method

The Malabed Method for Health, Weight, and Erectile Dysfunction was created out of necessity so that I can care and support my clients to their highest good.  During my 19 years of practicing medicine, I saw how the medical and insurance world treats everything the same by only dealing with the symptom by giving you pills, which in the end maybe what kills you and could care less about you as an individual, your health, your sex life or your overall quality of life.


Our Mission

The mission of the Malabed Method is to support and help you live extraordinary lives, as an individual, I listen and I care, and that not one size fits all.

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